Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Rental

FitnessWorks, Inc. provides small businesses, personal trainers and instructors with the ability to rent studio space and equipment for use in their own business practices. Instructors, personal trainers and businesses who rent studio space and equipment are not associated in any way with FitnessWorks, Inc. and only have limited access to the studio and equipment. Should you or your business be interested in renting space at FitnessWorks, Inc. you should fill out the form found here.

What is the membership fee?

FitnessWorks Inc. does not have membership fees. You pay for the services you use.

How do I schedule appointments and classes at FitnessWorks Inc?

You can conveniently schedule both appointments and classes right from the website.
Click here to schedule a class
Click here to schedule a personal training, Pilates, or ballroom dance appointment.

Do I have to pre-register for classes?

It is highly recommended that you do pre-register for classes as we do have the most popular and latest fitness classes offered.Our class sizes are limited so you get more personalized attention.

With that being said, if you have a particular day/time that works best for your schedule you will want to sign up ahead of time to secure your spot.

We do have wait lists in place, but once the spots are full in the class we cannot guarantee that there would be room for more in that particular class due to the equipment needs and space required for the class.

What if I am not able to make it to a class or appointment? (Cancellations)

In order to receive a full refund

Appointments: please provide a minimum of a 24 hour notice for cancellations (for example if your appointment is Friday at 3:00pm, please cancel by Thursday at 3:00pm)

Classes: please provide a minimum of a 6 hour notice for cancellation as there may be a wait list and that would allow another person to fill your spot.

(for example if your class is at 8am on Tuesday, please cancel prior to 10pm the previous night so our instructor knows and someone else would have the opportunity to attend the class if it was full, or if your class is at 6pm on Wednesday, please cancel by noon that day.)

Late cancellations, less than 6 hours notice and No Shows, if you have a group fitness punch card, it will cost you one punch, if you are using an unlimited package offer, you will be charged $10 for the late cancellation or no show.

We would prefer to not have to charge you for you not being there.

Please do let us know if you are unable to attend. (You can now conveniently cancel thru the mobile app ( MindBody Connect) on your smart phone). Or call or text your instructor directly.


Studio Updates & Special Offers